No Drinking These Days. Anyone Here?

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No Drinking These Days. Anyone Here?

Post  MisterE67 on Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:34 pm

Not going to drink, even if I want to. Fucks up my sleep and makes my pancreas hurt.

I still can't believe this ghost forum is still here.

Smoking too much. Constant hack going on. Just can't tell how I feel anymore. I wonder if my playing has gotten pathetic but I can't tell. I can't give myself an honest appraisal. It's like trying to look at your own mouth without a mirror.

No tranny adventures for a long time. Like them, but too lazy to get into action about it.

Wondering a lot lately if I'm completely deteriorated yet unaware of it. A slight sense of separation from all and everybody. Not bad, but makes me wonder if I'm receding into myself unconsciously. Meetings don't feel the same. Even going to dentist and teaching is a burden. Answering the phone is scary. Just feel like hiding. The winter hibernation instinct. The DIS-MX vibe. Early darkness. Trying to capture a feeling or spirit which is only a memory of an idea.


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